Sliding Spacex 3000 Non Stop

Compact ironing center

Discover the Taurus Sliding Spacex 3000 Non Stop compact ironing center and have your perfect and impeccable clothes in a single pass. Its huge electronic steam boost of 400g / min and precision tip will allow you to obtain professional results in no time.

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Product Specification

  • 3000W
  • Electronic boost 400 g / min
  • Continuous steam 130g / min
  • Steam ready in 30 seconds
  • Results equivalent to a 7 bar ironing center
  • Vertical ironing
  • 1.3L tank
  • Patented transport locking system
  • Unique intelligent temperature setting to iron everything with two steam flows ECO and MAX
  • Ceramic sole
  • Non stop system for refilling water, practical and fast: refills the tank without disconnecting the ironing center
  • 918988000

Product Features

Non Stop System

Sliding Spacex 3000 Non Stop has a “Non Stop” system that will allow you to fill the 1.3L capacity tank without having to disconnect the ironing center from the power.

Rapid heating

Its high power of 3000W will save you time as it will quickly heat up the resistance of the ironing center and it will be ready in just 30 seconds.

Great steam flow

Its huge electronic steam boost of 400g / min and precision tip will allow you to obtain professional results in no time. In addition, the steam of 130g / min of continuous steam will disinfect and air your clothes effectively in a few moments.

2 ironing modes

The compact ironing center features two ironing modes: ECO mode and MAX mode. Use ECO mode to iron most fabrics, while keeping your energy consumption responsible. And, use the MAX mode to combat the most stubborn and difficult to remove wrinkles.

Compact and easy to transport

It has been designed with a more compact format so that it occupies the minimum space in your home. It is ideal, maximum power and steam in a reduced format. And, to make transport easy, safe and comfortable, it has the patented locking and transport system, in which the iron is hooked to the tank.

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